Serious drug case dismissed!

On May 29, 2014, Mr. Peterson helped his client receive a complete dismissal of all drug charges against him.  The client had been charged with possessing a trace amount of methamphetamine, which police found on a pipe in his bathroom during a search.  The client had a prior conviction for drug crimes, meaning that a conviction here would result in a minimum of 180 days in jail.  Client wanted to avoid another conviction at all costs!

The client’s mother had let the police into his home, and the police tackled and search the client and the bathroom when he tried to run away.  Mr. Peterson successfully argued that the client had a right to refuse a search of his person and surrounding area even though his mother had let police in.  Police were also unable to prove that the pipe contained any methamphetamine.  As a result, the prosecutor dismissed drug charges.

If you are charged with a felony drug crime, the stakes are extremely high. You should aggressively investigate all the evidence against you, as the facts don’t always add up.  Mr. Peterson has the experience and knowledge that will help you get the best result in your case.

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