Scott County Man Avoids Conviction & Jail Time For Serious Felony DWI!

Scott County Man Avoids Conviction & Jail Time For Serious Felony DWI

On September 20, 2013 in Scott County, Minnesota, Mr. Peterson successfully obtained a result for a client where his felony DWI charges were amended to a less serious crime, and he received no jail time.  The client was originally charged with felony criminal vehicular operation for seriously injuring his passenger during an ATV accident.  The client also tested over twice the legal limit for alcohol.Though the evidence against the client was quite substantial, Mr. Peterson was able to convince a prosecutor that a recent Supreme Court case called McNeely v. Missouri applied to the case.  In that case, the court suppressed an involuntary blood draw from the defendant because the police did not first obtain a search warrant.  As the police officer in his client’s case informed the client that he would take his blood “whether he consented or not”, he argued that this case was similar and the cop should have gotten a warrant.  The prosecutor agreed and amended charges down to a gross misdemeanor.  Mr. Peterson was further able to convince a judge that his client should not do any jail time, though the prosecutor was asking for 45 days.  The judge agreed and gave him community service instead.

If you have been charged with DWI, you don’t want to hire just any attorney.  You need an attorney that is on the cutting edge of the law.  Mr. Peterson has the experience and knowledge to make the arguments that will be successful in your case.

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