Burglary charges dismissed!

On May 9, 2013 in Scott County, Minnesota, Mr. Peterson negotiated a plea agreement whereby the State would dismiss very serious charges of felony second degree burglary.  In exchange, his client would plead guilty to far less serious charges of misdemeanor criminal damage to property.  She would not serve any jail time, or be on formal probation.  This was an incredible deal for someone who had never been in trouble before and had simply gotten in over her head.

Mr. Peterson’s client was accused of breaking into her neighbor’s house and damaging multiple items of his property while inside.  However, Mr. Peterson conducted a very thorough investigation of the alleged victim.  In doing so, he discovered that the neighbor had so much garbage and refuse in and around his house that the city had charged him with numerous nuisance crimes, and was suing him for maintaining a so-called “junk property”.  Mr. Peterson also found evidence that the neighbor was attempting to extort money for the allegedly damaged items from his client.  He therefore argued to the prosecutor that the alleged victim was fabricating the whole incident, and using it as a quick way to make money off of his client.  The prosecutor agreed and dismissed felony charges in favor of much less serious misdemeanor charges.

If you have been charged with a serious crime, you need an attorney to assist you immediately.  Mr. Peterson has the knowledge and expertise to hit the ground running and protect your life.

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