Questions to ask when Looking for a Minnesota DWI Attorney

If you have been arrested for DWI, it is crucial to find an experienced Minnesota DWI attorney to help you fight the charge. A DWI conviction can have far reaching negative impacts on your social, personal, and professional life; this is why finding the right representation is so important. A conviction brings with it overwhelming consequences including but limited to license suspension, costly fines, ignition interlock requirements, probation, or even incarceration. Every DWI case is unique based on the circumstances of the arrest. This is why hiring an attorney experienced in DWI law is necessary to carefully examine all the information and explore possible strategies to fight and beat the charges.

The best way to find the right attorney is to know what to ask during the consultation. Here are six key questions:

What is your experience defending DWI charges?

Every lawyer has different experiences and training. While no two DWI cases are the same, inquiring about an attorney’s experiences with DWI cases similar to yours will help ensure that you get experienced and knowledgeable representation. Also, ask if the attorney has participated in ongoing training or professional development that may be beneficial.

How often do you win cases?

Past performance does not guarantee a desirable outcome in your case, but it’s a good idea to ask about previous outcomes during a consultation. Be sure to ask specifically about acquittals and plea bargains, as both may be considered “winning,” however, depending on the parameters, plea bargains may not be seen as a favorable option in your circumstance.

What are my options?

The DWI consultation should mostly focus on the attorney’s evaluation of the prosecution’s case against you. Based on this, he will give you realistic expectations regarding possible outcomes to consider. These may include pleading guilty, going to trial, or diversion programs. The attorney should be able to explain what lessen sentences and alternatives to jail time are available to you. During the consultation, be honest with the attorney; confidentiality must be maintained by the attorney even if you decide to look elsewhere for representation.

How much do you charge?

DWI attorneys usually work for a flat fee or based on an hourly rate, depending on factors including the nature of your case as well as their experience and reputation. Many DWI attorneys work out a payment plan for defendants; this is another good topic to ask about during the consultation.

How will we stay in communication?

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for attorneys to take on more clients than they can accommodate. When this happens, the quality of representation suffers. During the consultation, ask about the frequency and method of communication they prefer. Also, inquire about other members of the team who will be handling the case. Will you be speaking often with a paralegal? Is there another attorney at the firm who will pick up the slack? A good DWI attorney cases about your case and is willing to invest the time to handle it appropriately.

What will be the final outcome of my case?

Any respectable attorney will recognize that this is something of a trick question. If the attorney makes promises or guarantees about the outcome, their answer is dishonest and unethical. They are more concerned with getting your business than providing the best possible representation. A good attorney will never promise a specific result.

If you have been arrested for DWI in the Anoka or Shakopee areas, we can help. We understand that a DWI conviction has serious consequences, and we are ready use our experience and expertise in DWI law to help you address these charges. Contact us to speak with us regarding the specifics of your case.