Client avoids prison for arson!

On May 1, 2014, Mr. Peterson successfully argued to keep his client out of all prison and jail time after a conviction for first degree arson.  First degree arson is the most serious kind of arson, which alleges that a defendant sets fire to a residential dwelling.  It is normally punished with a minimum prison sentence of 74 months.

The State had alleged that his client burned his own house down in order to collect insurance money.  Despite that, Mr. Peterson was able to convince the judge and prosecutor that substantial mitigating factors existed to put his client on probation.  His client prior to the offense had become disabled and developed severe mental health problems to the point that he needed to be placed in assisted living.  Mr. Peterson arranged for the client to serve out any sentence in the assisted living facility on house arrest.  The client never set foot in a jail or prison.

If you are facing a serious charge like arson, the stakes are extremely high.  The State will do their best to put you in prison for a long time.  Mr. Peterson has the experience and knowledge to make sure you keep your freedom.

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