Family Dispute Resolution

Anoka County Divorce Lawyer Family dispute resolution is an approach that is taking to help families that are struggling with non-legal issues find a solution to their problems. It is an innovative approach and it is one that utilizes the qualifications and experience of a professional to establish shared goals, facilitate communication, and reach a… Read more »

Parenting Time Expeditor

Anoka County Family Lawyer The Parenting Time Expeditor’s role is one that is defined by Minnesota State Law and it is a concept that was developed in the area of family disputes. A Parenting Time Expeditor assists with issues that involve children, such as visitation and visitation schedules. What the Parenting Time Expeditor does is… Read more »

Surrogacy Agreements

Anoka Family Law Lawyer Surrogacy is a beneficial and important way for families unable to have children to have the children that they want. Many families have been created in this way, but the act is still a controversial one that has become more common as the years go by. If you are considering surrogacy,… Read more »

Postnuptial Agreements

Anoka Divorce & Family Lawyer The postnuptial agreement is much like a prenuptial agreement. The main difference is that the postnuptial is generated after marriage rather than before. So this means that both spouses may make the decision during the marriage to protect assets in the event that a divorce occurs. This agreement can outline… Read more »

Third Party Visitation

Anoka Divorce & Family Lawyer It is important for a child to have a relationship with their family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other floes friends and family members should be a part of a child’s life. When parents divorce or another matter leads to the child having to be raised by someone else, those family… Read more »

Custody Evaluation

Anoka County Family Lawyer When there is a custody dispute between two parents in Minnesota, the court will appoint a custody evaluator. This individual may work directly for the court or they may be an attorney or individual acting as a Guardian Ad Litem. The evaluator will meet with the parents and the children to… Read more »

Parenting Plans

Anoka County Family Law Lawyer The parenting plan is an important tool when managing the well-being of a child. These plans enable the child to have both of their parents in their life. Basically, this is the “visitation” that the non-custodial parent has with the child after divorce or when a non-custodial parent who didn’t… Read more »

Cohabitation Agreement

Anoka County Divorce Lawyer If a couple has no intention of getting married, but they wish to live together as if they are and share property and money, a cohabitation agreement can be very useful. This is an agreement that protects specific interests and assets throughout the relationship. Over time, many couples find themselves sharing… Read more »

Same-Sex Divorce

Minnesota Same-Sex Divorce Lawyer The legalization of same-sex marriage in Minnesota was touted as a milestone. This meant that same-sex individuals could sign prenuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, and even get divorce. Before, those who married in other states were not able to get a divorce in Minnesota because Minnesota didn’t recognize same-sex marriage. When the… Read more »

Modify Spousal Support

When you get a divorce in Minnesota, it may be rather common for the court to order spousal maintenance to be included in the divorce settlement. This is frequently referred to as “alimony.” It requires that the spouse with the larger income make payments to the spouse with the lesser income in order to safeguard… Read more »