Theft Defense Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Theft is a broad term that is used to describe a number of different crimes. It is the act of purposely taking property from another person without their permission and with the intent of permanently depriving them of it without their authorization and consent. Mr. Peterson is an experienced… Read more »

Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes Defense Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Being arrested for a sex crime can be very difficult and confusing, not only for you, but for your family and everyone close to you. If you are convicted of such a crime, you could be looking at a number of penalties, as well as the embarrassment and… Read more »


Robbery Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Robbery is a specific type of theft crime. An individual can be charged with robbery if he or she takes property or money directly from another person or in their presence of that person without their permission, either with or without force. When any of these factors are present at… Read more »

Prostitution And Solicitation

Prostitution And Solicitation Defense Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Prostitution is defined as the act of engaging, offering, or agreeing to engage in a sexual act for money. Prostitution is very closely related to solicitation, loitering, pandering, and sex trafficking and the penalties can be serious. If you have been charged with a form of prostitution… Read more »

Property Damage

Property Damage Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota An individual can be charged with criminal damage to property if he or she causes damage to the physical property of another individual on purpose and without their consent. Minnesota law says that a person can be charged with first, second, third, or fourth degree property damage if it… Read more »

Probation/Parole Violation

Probation/Parole Violation Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Probation is a sanction that is ordered by the court when a person has been convicted of a crime. It serves as an alternative to spending time in jail or prison. It allows those convicted of crimes that would normally result in prison time to be released after they… Read more »


Murder Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Murder is the act of intentionally taking the life of another person. If the act is charged as manslaughter, it is because the act of taking another person’s life was not intentional. There are different degrees of murder and homicide that you can be charged with and the degree will… Read more »

License Violations

License Violations Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Driving after license suspension, revocation, or cancellation is considered a criminal offense in Minnesota. A conviction for any one of these can have an impact on your criminal record and can also negatively affect your driving privileges for the long-term. If you have been charged with a license violation,… Read more »


Kidnapping Attorney in Anoka, Minnesota Kidnapping involves physically removing someone from their place of work, home, or another location against their will. It is a serious offense that can pack serious consequences if convicted. Even the charge can have long-term consequences. Typically, kidnapping goes hand-in-hand with false imprisonment, which means someone has been kept at… Read more »

Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crimes in Anoka County The juvenile court system in Minnesota is very different from adult court, as it has its own set of procedures and rules. This is because the juvenile court system is based on correcting the behavior rather than treating the child like a criminal. It has been found that treating a… Read more »