Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer In Anoka, Minnesota

Not every divorce has to be a long and costly process. In most cases, the parties are able to reach an agreement on all issues early in the process. This makes the divorce process less stressful for all parties involved.

If you need to file for divorce or your spouse has filed, you need an experienced Anoka divorce attorney even if the divorce is uncontested. Even in uncontested divorces, an attorney is needed to file the required documentation and to provide guidance throughout the process. Christian R. Peterson is highly experienced in divorce matters and can help you reach a conclusion in your uncontested divorce, efficiently, quickly, and affordably.

Guiding You Through The Uncontested Divorce Process

In an uncontested divorce, one spouse usually hires an attorney to prepare all of the necessary paperwork for them. A divorce attorney is not able to represent both parties in the divorce. For instance, hiring our firm to handle your uncontested divorce will result in us preparing and filing the divorce petition, the divorce decree, and the marital termination agreement. All your spouse has to do is read and sign the agreement. Your spouse may also call us to ask us questions throughout the process, but they must always be mindful that we work for you and not them.

In the documentation, it will be stated what the two of you agreed upon. Once filed with the court, the agreements between the two of you will be enforceable. This means that both of you will have to abide by the terms outlined in the divorce decree. Not abiding by the agreement can result in contempt of court. For instance, not paying the agreed upon child support can result in a contempt motion and further failure to comply can result in penalties. The end result is just as ironclad as the terms in a contested divorce.

Uncontested Divorce benefits

There are four main benefits to opting for uncontested divorce with the help of your Minnesota divorce attorney. The first is that the process is much more affordable because of the time that is saved. An uncontested divorce is concluded in a quarter of the time of a contested divorce. In terms of how much control you have over the outcome, you do have more control. You and your spouse can negotiate to find a middle ground that the two of you are happy with.

The last benefit is the amount of stress that is taken out of the process. This is especially beneficial when you have children. Children can sense when a divorce is not going well. When the parents agree, it is much better for the post-divorce relationship that the parents have and for the well-being of the children.