Step-Parent Adoption

It is a major decision when a step-parent decides to adopt their spouse’s child. The step parent who wishes to adopt will have full legal responsibility for the child once the adoption is granted. This is because they will be raising the child as their own from that point forward. The biological parent not married to the step-parent surrenders their rights as a parent completely and is no longer responsible for the child in any way. Instead, the adoptive parent will make important decisions regarding the child and their religious affiliation, medical care, and education.

If you are a step-parent and you wish to adopt your step-child, an experienced Anoka family law attorney can help you along the way to ensure the process is carried out smoothly. You will learn about your rights, options, and have the help you need with all of the paperwork and steps in the adoption process.

Addressing Termination Of Parental Rights

The first step in step-parent adoption is obtaining a termination of parental rights form that is signed by the biological parent who wishes to give up the rights to their child so the child an be adopted. Several witnesses need to be present when this form is signed. It must also be notarized and may be revoked by the parent within a few weeks of execution is they decide they do not want to go through with the adoption.

Once this form is signed, the remaining parent and the step-parent can petition the court to allow the step-parent to adopt the child. However, the state may require a background check or conduct a home study. This is simply a possibility. The matter will be set for a hearing before the judge, the custodial parent, the step-parent, and the child. All must attend and testimony is taken at that time.

Helping Your Family Move Forward

Step-Parent adoption can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Whatever the process entails in your case, Christian Peterson Attorney At Law can help you move through the process. You will be working with an Anoka family attorney with the experience you need for there to be as much stress as possible removed from the process. You will also always be properly informed so you know what to expect every step of the way.