Same-Sex Divorce

Minnesota Same-Sex Divorce Lawyer

The legalization of same-sex marriage in Minnesota was touted as a milestone. This meant that same-sex individuals could sign prenuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, and even get divorce.

Before, those who married in other states were not able to get a divorce in Minnesota because Minnesota didn’t recognize same-sex marriage. When the law passed, same-sex couples that married in other states were finally able to end the marriages that they were trapped in.

If you are considering marrying your partner and you need a prenuptial agreement or a post-nuptial agreement or you wish to file for divorce, it is important that you consult with an experienced Anoka divorce attorney who is experienced with the matters surrounding same-sex marriage.

Helping You Prepare For The Future

Postnuptial and prenuptial agreements help you plan for the future. Before, same-sex couples would establish cohabitation agreements that would determine who would receive specific pieces of property if the relationship would break down. Now, same-sex marriage allows couples to create a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement just like heterosexual couples.

These agreements are very important because property will be acquired over the course of the marriage and that property, as well as debt, would have to be divided accordingly in case a divorce would happen. Having a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement in place can make the division of assets much easier for both parties.

A Highly Experienced Divorce Attorney

When it comes to divorce, all of the same aspects apply. Divorce can be contested, uncontested, or collaborative. There may be property involved, children, and debts. All of these are matters that have to be considered in a divorce. With the help of a Minnesota divorce lawyer who knows the law surrounding same-sex marriage matters, divorce, and other family legal issues, you can work to achieve the best possible result so you can move on with your life.

If after the divorce something changes with spousal maintenance, child support, child custody, or parenting time, your attorney can help you modify those agreements so that you can obtain the result you want. Sometimes a child may decide they want to live with the other parent or the amount of time that the child spends with one parent increases or decreases due to a change in circumstance. Out of state moves can be addressed, as well as contempt matters when one party does not abide by the divorce decree or one of the parties has been accused of contempt.