Paternity Lawyer In Anoka, Minnesota

Establishing paternity is important because a child’s father has no legal right to seeking custody of their children or establishing parenting time until it is established. The mother of the child has sole legal and physical custody until the court decides otherwise.

If you are a father looking to establish paternity so you have rights to your child or you are a mother wishing to establish paternity so you can secure child support from the father, Mr. Peterson can help you. As an experienced Minnesota paternity attorney, he will guide you through the process to make it as stress-free as possible. You will be effectively advised and educated throughout the process so you can make informed decisions.

Helping You Establish Paternity

In Minnesota, there are two ways to establish paternity. The first is Recognition of Parentage and the other is through genetic testing.

  • Recognition of Parentage – The Recognition of Parentage is when both parents sign a sworn statement that says the man is the father of the child. This document is only valid when it is filed with the Minnesota Department of Health. If the mother is married to another person and the parents are at least 18 years of age, this statement of paternity is final. This document can be signed at any time, but it is best to speak with your attorney first so you know how singing the document will affect your rights.
  • Genetic testing – A court order is required for genetic testing to be performed. One parent may refuse to sign a Recognition of Parentage or there may be more than one man claiming to be the father or there may be multiple possibilities. Perhaps the mother was married to another man when the child was born. The court will evaluate the evidence, including any genetic tests and the past relationship between the possible father and the mother. You can ask for a genetic test, but it is not necessary to have it done to establish paternity.

Protecting Father’s Rights

If paternity is established through a Recognition of Parentage, the father has no legal rights to the children until the court is petitioned. If there is a paternity hearing, then the court will decide upon the issues. After paternity is established, custody, parenting time, and child support are then determined in the same way as a divorcing couple. In the meantime, your Anoka family law attorney is able to help protect your rights. It is imperative that you know your rights and options throughout the entire process so that you can obtain the result that you want. Once it is over, you will have the right to be a father to your child or children indefinitely.