Parenting Time

Parenting Time Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota

Parenting time, also known as visitation, refers to the schedule that each parent has with their child or children after a divorce or determination of paternity. It is important that children have both children in their lives and the courts recognize this. They also recognize that it is important for parents to have their children in theirs, even if it is on a schedule.

If you need to establish or modify parenting time, Mr. Peterson is an experienced Minnesota family law lawyer who can help you with the matter at hand. He can help you create a parenting time plan that is unique to your needs. Such plans typically involve a summer schedule, a routine access schedule, school days division, a holiday schedule, and vacation access. Parenting time can also have an influence on the amount of child support that may be paid.

Helping You Establish A Sound Schedule

Most of the time when parties share joint physical custody of their children, the amount of time that they care for them is split in half. If one parent is awarded primary physical custody, then the non-custodial parent usually spends less than half the time with the child. They still involve a lot of time with their child, but it is not split down the middle.

Exactly how much time a parent spends with their child has become more important since the child support guidelines changed. Now the guidelines take into account the amount of time that each parent spends with the child. They figure it as a percentage so that the amount of child support can be determined. The custody label is no longer making a difference in the amount of child support that is needed to ensure the needs of the child are met. Because of this fact, you and your Anoka family law lawyer are able to spend more time talking about the schedule as opposed to the type of custody that is awarded to each parent.

Assisting You In Parenting Time And Child Support

Parenting time has an impact on the amount of child support that a parent may have to pay. As stated before, the new child support guidelines have changed and the amount of time that the parent spends with the child is taken into account. You will need the help of your Anoka family law lawyer if you are in a situation where parenting time or child support must change. If your parenting time schedule must change, that could affect the amount of child support that you have to pay. If you have to file a post-decree motion to make changes, your attorney will help you do this so the process moves along smoothly.