Parenting Time Expeditor

Anoka County Family Lawyer

The Parenting Time Expeditor’s role is one that is defined by Minnesota State Law and it is a concept that was developed in the area of family disputes. A Parenting Time Expeditor assists with issues that involve children, such as visitation and visitation schedules.

What the Parenting Time Expeditor does is utilize a contract-based agreement that enables the parties in a custody dispute or divorce to mediate the dispute. If mediation fails, then the Parenting time Expeditor determines what the issue is in the dispute and then they make a decision. The parties then agree to accept the decision of the parenting time expeditor. If one parent disagrees with the decision, he or she has the right to go to court in order to have the decision changed.

If you are facing a custody dispute and a Parenting Time Expeditor may become involved, it can be helpful to have an experienced Anoka divorce lawyer by your side. In this, you will receive the guidance that you need in order to ensure the process moves as smoothly as possible and that everyone is in cooperation.

Ensuring The Best Interests Of The Children

When dealing with matters that involve the best interests of the children, the Parenting Time Expeditor is going to be neutral in the matter. They do not take sides. They consider all of the factors that are relevant to the child’s well-being. They are not there to appease either one of the parents, although the decision may be agreed upon by at least one parent.

Because divorce and custody issues are emotional issues for everyone involved, especially the children because they are caught in the middle of the situation. This is why it is important to do what is in the best interest of the children.

But while the Parenting Time Expeditor is to be neutral in the situation in order to produce a decision that is best for the children, they are there to support individuals and families that are going through divorce, custody issues, post-divorce issues, post-custody issues, and parenting time matters. They give support to all parties involved and they handle the matter in a way that productively resolves the issues.

Helping You Move Forward

And while the Parenting Time Expeditor does his or her job, your Anoka family law attorney does theirs by being there for you, advising you, and helping reduce as much of the stress as possible so that the right conclusion can be reached in the matter. If you disagree with the Parenting Time Expeditor’s decision, then you and your attorney can move forward and take it to the court.