Parenting Plans

Anoka County Family Law Lawyer

The parenting plan is an important tool when managing the well-being of a child. These plans enable the child to have both of their parents in their life. Basically, this is the “visitation” that the non-custodial parent has with the child after divorce or when a non-custodial parent who didn’t originally have a plan in place with the other parent wishes to have one.

This plan is a formal custody arrangement that is created by both parents and not determined by a judge. Under Minnesota law, the parenting plan must be created in lieu of a court-ordered custody order. Both parents must request the parenting plan. The only exception is if the court learns that the proposed plan is not considering the best interests of the child.

If you wish to establish a parenting plan, an experienced Anoka family law attorney can help you establish the plan that you and your family needs.

Creating A Solid Parenting Plan

While creating the parenting plan, the right details need to be included and it needs to show that the best interests of the child are first and foremost. For instance, the plan will include:

  • A detailed schedule that shows how much time each parent is to spend with the child
  • Who will make decisions regarding the child
  • How future plan disputes will be resolved
  • Provisions regarding the child’s residence being moved out of Minnesota
  • Who is responsible for paying for the child’s extracurricular activities
  • Who has access to health, school, and other records relating to the child
  • Where the child will primarily reside
  • Any special conditions, such as not drinking around the child or when the child can meet significant others

You can make the parenting plan as vague or as detailed as you feel it should be. Attorneys typically recommend that the plan is highly detailed so that any questions in the future can be automatically answered.

Ensuring The Best Interests Of The Child

Some parents ask whether or not they need a parenting plan. The reason is because they feel they can manage the visitation automatically without a schedule or without any sort of plan. The fact is that the plan demonstrates cooperation between the parents and this is something that benefits the child. If you have any questions about how a parenting plan can benefit you and your children, you can talk to your Minnesota family law attorney about parenting plans and how they can solve a number of issues that may come about throughout the years.