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Probation/Parole Violation

Probation/Parole Violation Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Probation is a sanction that is ordered by the court when a person has been convicted of a crime. It serves as an alternative to spending time in jail or prison. It allows those convicted of crimes that would normally result in prison time to be released after they… Read more »


Murder Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Murder is the act of intentionally taking the life of another person. If the act is charged as manslaughter, it is because the act of taking another person’s life was not intentional. There are different degrees of murder and homicide that you can be charged with and the degree will… Read more »

License Violations

License Violations Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Driving after license suspension, revocation, or cancellation is considered a criminal offense in Minnesota. A conviction for any one of these can have an impact on your criminal record and can also negatively affect your driving privileges for the long-term. If you have been charged with a license violation,… Read more »


Kidnapping Attorney in Anoka, Minnesota Kidnapping involves physically removing someone from their place of work, home, or another location against their will. It is a serious offense that can pack serious consequences if convicted. Even the charge can have long-term consequences. Typically, kidnapping goes hand-in-hand with false imprisonment, which means someone has been kept at… Read more »

Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Crimes in Anoka County The juvenile court system in Minnesota is very different from adult court, as it has its own set of procedures and rules. This is because the juvenile court system is based on correcting the behavior rather than treating the child like a criminal. It has been found that treating a… Read more »

Internet Crimes

Internet Crimes Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota The increase of Internet use has resulted in an increase in crime that is committed in the cyber world. Mr. Peterson is experienced with the different types of Internet crimes that occur every single day. He is also experienced in cases where innocent individuals are accused and others are… Read more »

Hit And Run

Hit And Run Accident Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota When you are n a motor vehicle accident, Minnesota law requires you to stay at the scene of the accident until police arrive or you exchange insurance information with all of the parties involved in the accident. A person who intentionally leaves the scene of the accident… Read more »


Expungement Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota An expungement is an order by the court to seal a person’s criminal record so that landlords, employers, and others that perform background checks are unable to see the records. In other words, the public can’t see them at all. Law enforcement, on the other hand, can access them if… Read more »


Anoka DWI Lawyer & Attorney A DWI charge puts a lot at stake. You could go to jail, lose your driver’s license. Your car could be forfeited. You could even have issues keeping your job, finding a new one, keeping your insurance, receiving reasonable insurance rates, going to school, or doing anything that requires a… Read more »

Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota In Minnesota, a person can be charged with a drug crime if they are in the possession of drugs and if they manufacture, sell or distribute them. The types of illegal drugs considered in this are cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine. Prescription drugs are also included in this when they… Read more »