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Vehicular Homicide

Anoka Criminal Defense Lawyer If you were driving a motor vehicle and you were cited as the cause of a fatal accident, then you may be charged with criminal vehicular homicide. However, this is a charge that suggests there was no intent to cause the death of another. Instead, it cites reckless behavior as the… Read more »


Anoka County Arson Defense Lawyer Arson is the act of voluntarily setting fire to property, whether that property belongs to someone else or the alleged arsonist. When fire is set to any property, it is typically due to an improper motive, such as wishing to file an insurance claim in order to obtain the money… Read more »

Obstruction Of Justice

Anoka County Criminal Lawyer & Attorney Our entire lives we are warned that we need to listen to the authorities. However, there are times when a person doesn’t listen or they may engage in an act that is perceived as not listening and this results in a charge of obstruction of justice. You may or… Read more »


Arrest Warrant Lawyer in Anoka, Minnesota An arrest warrant gives police the right to search for, arrest, and immediately incarcerate the individual named in the warrant. This can make for a difficult time, but securing the help of an experienced Minnesota arrest warrant attorney will help you get out of jail as soon as possible… Read more »

Traffic Ticket

Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Most individuals ignore traffic tickets because they feel they are petty offenses that don’t really require any intervention. They accept the ticket, pay it, and they move on. For some, it is a first ticket and for others, they have had so many that they lose their license… Read more »


Theft Defense Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Theft is a broad term that is used to describe a number of different crimes. It is the act of purposely taking property from another person without their permission and with the intent of permanently depriving them of it without their authorization and consent. Mr. Peterson is an experienced… Read more »

Sex Crimes

Sex Crimes Defense Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Being arrested for a sex crime can be very difficult and confusing, not only for you, but for your family and everyone close to you. If you are convicted of such a crime, you could be looking at a number of penalties, as well as the embarrassment and… Read more »


Robbery Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Robbery is a specific type of theft crime. An individual can be charged with robbery if he or she takes property or money directly from another person or in their presence of that person without their permission, either with or without force. When any of these factors are present at… Read more »

Prostitution And Solicitation

Prostitution And Solicitation Defense Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Prostitution is defined as the act of engaging, offering, or agreeing to engage in a sexual act for money. Prostitution is very closely related to solicitation, loitering, pandering, and sex trafficking and the penalties can be serious. If you have been charged with a form of prostitution… Read more »

Property Damage

Property Damage Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota An individual can be charged with criminal damage to property if he or she causes damage to the physical property of another individual on purpose and without their consent. Minnesota law says that a person can be charged with first, second, third, or fourth degree property damage if it… Read more »