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Child Protection (CHIPS)

Child Protection (CHIPS) Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Each Minnesota county has a child protection agency that oversees the care of children. The child protection agency steps in when the parents are not able to care for the basic safety, health, and welfare of their children. This can create a very stressful situation, as the county… Read more »

Child Custody

Child Custody Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota If you have a family legal matter, such as divorce, that involves minor children, the court will have to determine which parent will receive custody. Custody matters can be very emotional and confusing. Perhaps both parents want custody, resulting in a custody battle. Whatever the circumstances surrounding the child… Read more »


Appeal Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota If a decision has been handed down in a case and you disagree with the decision, you can dispute it by filing an appeal. If you wish to appeal the decision in a family matter, Mr. Peterson is an experienced Minnesota family law attorney who can help you seek the… Read more »


Annulment Attorney in Anoka, Minnesota An Annulment terminates a marriage if the marriage didn’t exist. While this may seem confusing, a marriage is not valid if there are a certain number of factors that are present. When those factors are present, you can seek an annulment. If you have entered into a marriage and you… Read more »


Adoption Attorney in Anoka, Minnesota The decision to adopt a child is a major one because it involves making a child your own. You take legal responsibility for the child and rear the child as your own from that point forward. In order to adopt, the biological parent surrenders their rights as a parent and… Read more »

Prescription Drug Crimes

Anoka Criminal Defense Lawyer Prescription drugs are designated for those they are prescribed for. If taken by someone other than the person they are meant for, it can be a very dangerous situation. That is why the possession of prescription drugs that belong to someone else and/or the distribution of prescription drugs are illegal. If… Read more »

Narcotics Defense

Anoka Criminal Defense Lawyer Drugs that are classified as narcotics can include cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs. If a person is found in possession of any of these substances, they can be charged with a drug crime that could ultimately lead to jail time. Narcotics are classified as very dangerous because they can… Read more »

Commercial DWI

Anoka DWI Lawyer As a commercial driver, your CDL is everything to you because having it enables you to perform a job that pays the bills and takes care of you and/or your family. Any time that is threatened, your livelihood is threatened. In Minnesota, a commercial truck driver can be charged with DWI if… Read more »

License Plate Impoundment

Anoka Criminal Lawyer & Attorney If you are arrested for DWI, the state has the right to take the license plates on your vehicle if certain circumstances exist. This is called “license plate impoundment” and it is a penalty that individuals pay when they have been charged with DWI. When license plates are impounded, they… Read more »


Anoka County Criminal Lawyer Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug that is highly addictive and it is one that has been circulating throughout Minnesota for quite some time. If an individual is caught in possession of methamphetamine (meth), they could be charged with a possession or distribution charge. These are very serious charges that can have… Read more »