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Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota When a marriage comes to an end, one party may have to continue their financial support of the other in the form of “spousal maintenance.” This is also referred to as “alimony.” Traditionally, it is the husband who pays alimony to the wife, but that has been changing over… Read more »

Property Division

Property Division Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Property division is a difficult process that is a part of divorce and it involves dividing property that was acquired before and during the marriage. The first step of the process involves determining which property is marital and which is non-marital. This is important in ensuring that property is… Read more »


Prenuptials Agreement Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota A prenuptial agreement is an agreement that is legally binding and it is signed before a couple gets married. The document dictates how assets are to be distributed if the couple would ever dissolve the marriage. This “prenup” can make the divorce process much easier if it ever happens…. Read more »

Post-Decree Motions

Post-Decree Motions Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota The entry of the divorce decree may not mean that the case is coming to an end with the court system, although that is most likely the goal. Many times, the parties in a divorce decree will seek to modify some portion of the judgment or the decree because… Read more »


Paternity Lawyer In Anoka, Minnesota Establishing paternity is important because a child’s father has no legal right to seeking custody of their children or establishing parenting time until it is established. The mother of the child has sole legal and physical custody until the court decides otherwise. If you are a father looking to establish… Read more »

Parenting Time

Parenting Time Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota Parenting time, also known as visitation, refers to the schedule that each parent has with their child or children after a divorce or determination of paternity. It is important that children have both children in their lives and the courts recognize this. They also recognize that it is important… Read more »

Order for Protection

Order For Protection Attorney in Anoka, Minnesota An order for protection orders an individual to stop alleged abuse. They also cannot communicate with the alleged victim, visit the victim’s home, or the victim’s place of employment. These orders are typically granted when a person and/or their children have been victimized through domestic violence. Mr. Peterson… Read more »

Military Divorce

Military Divorce In Anoka, Minnesota It is a pleasure and an honor to be able to assist and serve the men and women who fight in the armed forces, ensuring that we remain free to live our lives. Due to the nature of military service and the benefits that are received, military members face a… Read more »


Divorce Mediation Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota There is a growing movement toward traditional litigation alternatives in divorce cases. One of the most important options that has come about is mediation, which involves each spouse and their divorce attorneys, meeting with a person neutral with the situation who is trained to help each party reach an… Read more »

Legal Guardianship

Legal Guardianship Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota A legal guardian is an individual other than the parent who is court appointed to provide support and care for a child or an adult who cannot care for themselves. The person seeking guardianship must petition the court for appointment or the spouse or parent can give consent for… Read more »