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Custody Modification

Anoka Divorce Lawyer & Attorney There are some cases in Minnesota where a parent may need to have physical custody modified. This is something that must be done by the court rather than the parents taking on the task themselves. The court has very strict rules about when custody can be modified and when it… Read more »

Cohabitation Agreement

Anoka County Family Law Lawyer & Attorney Some couples do not wish to get married, but they do live together as if they are. They share a home, they share belongings, and they even share their income. Many couples choose cohabitation over marriage because they do not want to deal with divorce if they decide… Read more »

Modify Child Support

Anoka Family Law Lawyer & Attorney Sometimes it is necessary to request a modification to child support. This is because circumstances do change, such as income. In order to request a child support modification, a motion must be made and your Anoka divorce lawyer can help you make this motion. As for when to request… Read more »

Out of State Moves

When a custodial parent decides to move out-of-state with their child, it can interfere with the non-custodial parent’s parenting time. Because of this, a custodial parent is not able to relocate the child out-of-state unless the non-custodial parent allows it or the court grants an order that permits it. If you need to move out… Read more »

Step-Parent Adoption

It is a major decision when a step-parent decides to adopt their spouse’s child. The step parent who wishes to adopt will have full legal responsibility for the child once the adoption is granted. This is because they will be raising the child as their own from that point forward. The biological parent not married… Read more »

Contested Divorce

Anoka Contested Divorce Lawyer & Attorney Whether you have decided to file for divorce or your spouse decided to, divorce proceedings can be challenging. Emotions tend to run very high and all anyone wants is to get what they want and for the matter to be over with as soon as possible. However, it can… Read more »

Guardians Ad Litem

Anoka County Divorce Lawyer & Attorney A Guardian Ad Litem is usually needed in domestic abuse cases involving children. What this program does is allow children who have fallen victim to domestic violence move forward in a more positive direction. When a child is in a position where they need someone to make decisions for… Read more »

Legal Separation

Anoka County Family Law Attorney & Lawyer Legal separation is an option for couples that do not want to get a divorce, but they don’t want to be together anymore. There are a number of cases in which a person may prefer to separate without divorce, such as when you are not entirely sure if… Read more »

Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer In Anoka, Minnesota Not every divorce has to be a long and costly process. In most cases, the parties are able to reach an agreement on all issues early in the process. This makes the divorce process less stressful for all parties involved. If you need to file for divorce or your… Read more »

Termination of Parental Rights

Termination Of Parental Rights Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota A termination of parental rights ends the relationship between a parent and a child, rending the child adoptable by someone other than a biological parent. The person seeking to adopt can be an interested third party. When the parental rights are terminated, the matter is very serious… Read more »