Narcotics Defense

Anoka Criminal Defense Lawyer

Drugs that are classified as narcotics can include cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs. If a person is found in possession of any of these substances, they can be charged with a drug crime that could ultimately lead to jail time. Narcotics are classified as very dangerous because they can lead to the serious injury or death to those who take them.

Unfortunately, there are times when individuals are charged with narcotics-related drug offenses and they haven’t broken the law before in their lives. Perhaps they gave a Percocet to a friend who was having pain or someone offered them money for pills they take for their own pain and they accepted. These are acts that can lead to drug charges.

If you have been charged with a narcotics-related drug offense, you have the right to defend yourself against the charges. With the help of an Anoka drug crimes defense attorney, you can effectively fight the charges. Sometimes narcotics offenses are due to a misunderstanding and other times they are not as serious as initially charged.

Fighting Narcotics Charges In Minnesota

Minnesota is very aggressive when it comes to drugs, so the prosecution will pursue the matter with every resource they have. Fortunately, your attorney will do the same. Every element of the arrest will be evaluated. An independent investigation of all of the facts will reveal factors that can work in your favor. There have been times where such cases have been dismissed or the defendant acquitted. Other times, the charges have been completely dropped.

The types of evidence that the prosecution may use include:

  • Possession of the drug
  • Possession of tools that are used in the packaging and selling of narcotics
  • Possession of a large amount of cash
  • Possession of weapons
  • An address book or a pay-owe sheet

No one factor can effectively prove that narcotics were being distributed, but a combination of any of the above can indicate that narcotics were possibly being distributed.

Building A Strategic Criminal Defense

Your Anoka drug crimes attorney will build a strategic defense for you. It is important to note that a drug crime can be tried at the federal level if the alleged offense crosses state lines. At the federal level, the matter is pursued even more aggressively because of the endless number of resources. Fortunately, you will be working with an attorney who is experienced with the federal courts and who knows how to obtain the best results within them. The goal is to ensure the best conclusion so you can move on with your life as soon as possible.