Military Divorce

Military Divorce In Anoka, Minnesota

It is a pleasure and an honor to be able to assist and serve the men and women who fight in the armed forces, ensuring that we remain free to live our lives. Due to the nature of military service and the benefits that are received, military members face a set of unique situations when they are in the midst of a family law issue.

If you are a military service member or you are the spouse of a military service member and you have a family legal or divorce issue, it is important to work with a Minnesota divorce attorney who is experienced in these matters so that you can receive the best result smoothly and as quick as possible. Mr. Peterson is able to help navigate the court system in a military divorce so that the parties can move past the issues and on with their lives.

Protection In Family Law Matters

The Service Members Civil Relief Act of 2003, also known as SCRA, says that certain protections may be made available to soldiers in family law matters. Soldiers should ensure that they are working with an attorney who knows this law and how to use it to help them through the matter.

Nonetheless, military service members tend to face a number of issues in divorce proceedings. Property division is one of those because they may be deployed for long periods of time. Assets can become difficult to divide in the event of a divorce. Leave, Earnings Statements, and military pensions tend to have special procedures and rules that can limit the amount of property and money that a spouse can have.

Full Legal Representation

Although you may be deployed in another part of the world, you do not have to worry about your distance having a negative effect on your divorce proceedings. You can still obtain favorable results in your case. Your experienced Anoka military divorce attorney will use the telephone, Skype, and other means of communication to ensure that you receive the full representation that you need even when you cannot be here to represent yourself.

What’s important is that your desires and needs will be heard so that they are stated to the other party. You will be consulted with throughout the process so that assets and debts are divided properly and so a suitable custody agreement can be reached for any children. You can also count on action being taken to protect your pensions and other military benefits.

While it may difficult for you to go through a divorce while deployed, it is important to have an attorney by your side that can act on your behalf and carry out your wishes. If you are deployed and your spouse filed for divorce, resulting in a default divorce because you were not there to answer the divorce petition, we are here with you so that you can reopen the default divorce and receive more favorable results.