Anoka County Criminal Lawyer

Methamphetamine is a dangerous drug that is highly addictive and it is one that has been circulating throughout Minnesota for quite some time. If an individual is caught in possession of methamphetamine (meth), they could be charged with a possession or distribution charge. These are very serious charges that can have a negative impact on your future.

If you have been charged with a meth-related drug charge, you have the right to defend yourself against the charges. With the help of an experienced Anoka drug crimes lawyer, you can effectively fight the charges against you. This could mean dismissed charges, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. It could even mean reduced charges so that the penalties are not as serious and you can move on with your life sooner.

Helping You Achieve The Ideal Result

While it may not be possible to avoid the penalties completely, a reduced charge can play in your favor so that your sentencing is not as harsh as it could be. For a first degree meth charge, the penalty could be as serious as up to $1 million in fines and up to 30 years in prison. The minimum sentence could be 5 years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. An individual may also have to undergo drug treatment, parole, and pay any other penalties that a judge deems appropriate.

All in all, the penalties are very serious and that is why you need to ensure that you are represented properly in your case. That way you can receive the best possible result in your case. Even if you were in possession of methamphetamine, manufactured it, or you distributed it in some way, you still deserve the best defense. You shouldn’t just sit back and accept the charges just because you may have done something wrong. Mistakes are made and second chances are deserved, which is why you deserve to be represented by an attorney who is highly experienced.

Advocating For Your Future

The moment that you call Christian Peterson, work will begin on your case immediately and measures will be taken to protect your rights. He will investigate what occurred and evaluate all of the facts so that a solid defense can be built for you.

With the help of a skilled and talented Minnesota drug crimes attorney, you can have the opportunity to move on with your life sooner than you would otherwise.