License Violations

License Violations Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota

Driving after license suspension, revocation, or cancellation is considered a criminal offense in Minnesota. A conviction for any one of these can have an impact on your criminal record and can also negatively affect your driving privileges for the long-term.

If you have been charged with a license violation, you need the help of an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney who has experience defending license violations and getting fair results for clients. Mr. Peterson is able to use a number of strategies that can help you receive a fair result in the case so that you can put the matter behind you as soon as possible.

Proving The Facts

In Minnesota, your driver’s license can be cancelled, suspended, or revoked for a number of reasons. One of the most common is DWI. Other reasons include: Failure to renew your license on time, failure to pay court ordered fines, failure to appear in court, or conviction of a minor traffic violation. Revocation can occur when a more serious traffic violation, such as DWI/DUI. If you are found to be driving with a revoked or suspended license, it is considered a misdemeanor offense.

However, a misdemeanor does not mean you still do not need legal representation to fight the charge because a conviction could lead to license cancellation and this means not being able to legally drive again. You can fight the charge and receive a much better result.

It is important to secure this result because the complete loss of your license could result in you having to always rely on someone else to take you to and from your destinations. This causes a hardship on you, your family, and even your friends. If you use public transportation, there is the expense and the time that it takes to travel through public transit. It is important that, while you may not immediately have driving privileges, you do at some point.

Helping You Avoid License Violation penalties

In Minnesota, the consequences of a license violation conviction are as follows:

  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Additional license sanctions
  • Community service or work crew
  • Jail

Your Anoka criminal defense attorney will look at the reasons behind the violation. Perhaps you were in an emergency situation or you may not have been aware that your license was suspended at the time of the offense. There are many reasons why license violations occur and many of them are mistakes, while some are intentional. By presenting the facts in the case, you can receive a much better result than you would otherwise. This could mean preserving your license so you can regain your driving privileges at some point in the future.