Guardians Ad Litem

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A Guardian Ad Litem is usually needed in domestic abuse cases involving children. What this program does is allow children who have fallen victim to domestic violence move forward in a more positive direction.

When a child is in a position where they need someone to make decisions for them, they need to have a Guardian Ad Litem appointed to them by a Referee or a judge. This individual represents the neglected or abused child. It is the family court that performs the appointment to ensure the best interests of the child are upheld in court proceedings and in other matters.

If you have any interests or concerns regarding the Guardians Ad Litem program, it is important to contact an experienced Anoka family law lawyer who can address those concerns immediately.

Guiding You As A Guardian Ad Litem

A Guardian Ad Litem is much different than a legal guardian. A Guardian Ad Litem is there to ensure that the child’s point of view and best interests are represented during a very difficult time. They do not have control over the child’s living arrangement, their finances, or any control over the child. All they do is represent them. Here are the responsibilities of a Guardian Ad Litem:

  • Gather and provide the information that the court needs
  • Make recommendations to the court regarding the needs of the child
  • Attend court and serve as a witness in the matter, if needed
  • Monitor the case’s progress
  • Maintain the confidentiality of information in relation of the case, aside from the sharing of information that the law permits in order to promote cooperation

When a child has been neglected or abused, the outcome can be rather difficult because of the emotional problems that can occur throughout the child’s development. Having someone advocate for the child by investigating the facts and being their voice in the legal matter provides them with another chance toward having a productive life.

Obtaining A Guardian Ad Litem

The court can choose a Guardian Ad Litem of its own accord, but this is not very common. Second, the court is required to appoint a Guardian Ad Litem in cases where the court has reason to believe that the child was a neglect or domestic abuse victim. It is important to note that someone simply yelling “abuse” doesn’t mean that a Guardian Ad Litem is needed. Instead, the judge must believe that abuse or neglect has occurred. The third way to get a Guardian Ad Litem is for the parent to request one. The court will consider the request and decide if doing so is necessary. At any time, you can request the assistance of an experienced Minnesota family law lawyer to help you.