Family Dispute Resolution

Anoka County Divorce Lawyer

Family dispute resolution is an approach that is taking to help families that are struggling with non-legal issues find a solution to their problems. It is an innovative approach and it is one that utilizes the qualifications and experience of a professional to establish shared goals, facilitate communication, and reach a workable outcome.

Basically, this is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It is a way to keep a matter out of court that doesn’t necessarily have to be there. This saves both time and money for both parties and it is a much peaceful way to resolve matters. If there are children involved, it is a resolution type that can help the children because they see their parents in agreement on matters. You can have your Anoka family attorney by your side throughout the process so you can ensure that it moves as smoothly as possible.

Useful In All Family Matters

Family dispute resolution is useful in other matters as well. Perhaps there is an issue regarding who will care for elderly parents, the visitation of grandparents, or parenting arrangements may need to be altered. In these matters, communication is very important. The issue has to be identified, as does the reason for the issue. Solutions can then be presented so that the parties can agree on one of the proposed solutions. Communication is key and that is what is facilitated in this case.

Establishing Open Lines Of Communication

In family dispute resolution, open lines of communication are established so a positive result can be achieved. There are a number of individuals that can serve in family dispute matters. An experienced Anoka family law lawyer can facilitate communication or an individual who works specifically in this capacity. Many are attorneys that have an understanding of the law, but they also understand family dynamics and how issues within the family can cause further issues.

So when should you opt for family dispute resolution?

If there is a matter that you and a family member or an ex spouse are having issues with, then that is the time. There are times when resolving something on your own may lead to further issues. When you have someone there to mediate, everyone is able to stay on track and focus on the problem at hand rather than the problems that can come about when there is no mediator present. This keeps matters civil and, in most cases, leads to a solution. It is rare that family dispute resolution doesn’t lead to an agreement, which then means the matter can go to court so a judge can decide.