Early Neutral Evaluation

Early Neutral Evaluation Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota

Early Neutral Evaluation was a process that began in Hennepin County family court. Today, most counties in the Twin Cities area offer some kind of Early Neutral Evaluation process during divorce proceedings.

When facing divorce and there are a number of issues that you are facing, Early Neutral Evaluation may be the process that has to be used to finalize these issues. Christian Peterson is an experienced Minnesota divorce attorney who can help you through the ENE process.

Saving You Time And Money

Early Neutral Evaluation can save time and money during divorce proceedings. Social Early Neutral Evaluation, or SENE, is what can be used in parenting time and custody issues. In this particular case, a team of male and female evaluators, who are trained to understand the circumstances that surround the divorce, provide verbal feedback to both parties about their respective positions. Both genders are utilized in such matters to eliminate gender bias.

During this evaluation, the parties and their attorneys meet with the evaluating team and provide them with important information about the children and the parental roles that each has played during the rearing of the children. The evaluators then offer their opinion and guidance before a full study on who should receive custody is undertaken. Settlement discussions can take place at this point with the goal of reaching an early agreement that would mirror what the court would order.

In the event that the SENE process doesn’t work because no agreement was reached, the case can then proceed to a 13 point custody evaluation and a trial. During the trial, nothing that was discussed during the SENE can be presented as evidence because the process is confidential.

Simplifying Financial Issues

Financial Early Neutral Evaluation, or FENE, uses the same concepts as SENE, but the issues are different. In this case, they involve the finances involved in the divorce. Your Anoka divorce attorney will help you understand this process as well and will be with you throughout the evaluation. In this case, you will be dealing with property valuation, calculation of marital and non-marital assets, division of assets, and division of debts. Child support, spousal maintenance, and attorney fee awards are also considered since they are all financial aspects of the divorce.

When it comes to FENEs, the court will not appoint a pair of evaluators. Instead, they will appoint a single neutral who has expertise in financial issues during divorce. Many financial evaluators are CPAs or experienced family law attorneys. They know the law and how to take an unbiased approach to the matter.