Anoka DWI Lawyer & Attorney

A DWI charge puts a lot at stake. You could go to jail, lose your driver’s license. Your car could be forfeited. You could even have issues keeping your job, finding a new one, keeping your insurance, receiving reasonable insurance rates, going to school, or doing anything that requires a background check before you can move forward with it. With these consequences, the case needs to be handled carefully by an experienced DWI attorney.

If you have been accused of DWI or DUI, Christian Peterson has the experience that you require to get results. Even if it a first offense, it is important to have legal representation by your side that you can trust to help you receive the best result. Even with a first offense, you can lose your license, your car, and pay collateral consequences that follow you. This is especially true when aggravating factors are present, such as a blood alcohol concentration of .20 or above, multiple offenses, or the presence of a minor in the vehicle at the time of the offense.

Helping You Fight The DWI Consequences

Christian R. Peterson has handled thousands of cases that include the following:

  • Whiskey plates
  • B-Card violations
  • Field Sobriety Testing
  • Criminal Vehicular Manslaughter
  • Blood Alcohol Testing
  • DWI Court Process
  • Drunk Driving Charges
  • Open Bottle & Not A Drop Laws
  • Underage Drinking & Driving
  • Implied Consent Test Refusal
  • License Suspension & License Revocation
  • Vehicle forfeiture
  • Stop & Arrest

All of these DWI-related offenses can have a profound impact on your future. From court costs to fines, program fees, and prison time, DWI is expensive and it can follow you around for the long-term. However, it doesn’t stop there. A DWI or DUI conviction can have some rather serious consequences and it is important to fight them to secure the best outcome.

Achieving The Best Outcome – Contact Us Today

The consequences can include a lengthy license suspension, probation costs, impact on credit and employability, personal injury costs if drunk driving caused an accident, higher car insurance and health insurance premiums, issues traveling internationally, and difficulties obtaining life or disability insurance. With an experienced Anoka DWI attorney with you every step of the way, guiding you through the process so it runs smoothly and so as much stress as possible can be removed from the situation. Being informed will give you the tools to make informed decisions and you will always know what comes next so that you are not lost in the process. This is an important part to securing the best possible outcome in the case.