Anoka Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a highly emotional time for all individuals affected by it. This is why it is important to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible by involving a highly experienced Anoka divorce attorney in the process. When it comes to issues, such as child custody, property division, spousal maintenance, and child support, the matters have to be approached carefully and in the right manner in order to obtain the result that you desire.

Christian Peterson is experienced in the handling of different types of divorce cases from contested and uncontested divorce to collaborative divorce and default divorce. Because there are different methods to handling divorce cases, he is knowledgeable in each so you can receive the guidance you need throughout the proceedings.

Quality Representation Through The Divorce Process

There are four stages in the divorce process. They are: The preliminary case workup, discovery, settlement discussion, and trial. Not every divorce case makes it through every stage. In fact, a majority of cases are settled before they ever go to trial. There are some cases that are not contested at all. However, if you and your spouse have disputes, you can expect the more traditional path if those disputes cannot be resolved early in the process. Here are the steps of the divorce process more in-depth:

  • Preliminary case workup – Information is requested of the client, such as documentation that shows finances, assets, and debts. Property documents and titles will need to be provided. A questionnaire must also be completed. Once the sufficient information is gathered, the petition for divorce is drafted. Once the papers are served, they are filed with the court and a place is secured on the docket. This process takes approximately 30 days.
  • Discovery – Information is requested from the other side regarding their stance on issues in the case. In the meantime, a meeting is had with the judge regarding child custody and support, homestead possession, and spousal maintenance. Various experts may be involved in the case to assist with property and business valuation or to conduct a custody evaluation. The discovery phase can take a few months.
  • Settlement efforts – Efforts are made to settle through mediation. In the meantime, a pre0-trial hearing must be attended by both parties. If a settlement can be reached, your Minnesota divorce attorney will prepare a marital termination agreement, which outlines all of the terms and contains the signatures of both parties in front of a notary and the attorneys for both sides. The agreement is then submitted to the court for its approval.
  • Trial – If settlement efforts are not successful, trial may result and they are expensive and may last more than one day. This is the point where the court may make decisions on behalf of the divorcing parties because they are unable to reach agreements on their own.

Providing You With The Support You Need

In addition to providing you with the legal assistance that you need, you also receive emotional support through a difficult time. One of our goals is to reduce the stress that naturally comes with the process. While it is nearly impossible to completely eliminate the stress, it is possible to reduce it so that the process is smoother and more bearable. Contact us today to speak to an divorce attorney.