Detox, Bail Bond and Jail Release

Detox, Bail Bond, and Jail Release Attorney in Anoka, Minnesota

Once you have been arrested under suspicion of committing a criminal offense, the prosecutor has a short period of time to charge you with a crime. If you are charged within that period of time, the jail will place you in custody until the judge can see you.

In order to ensure this process moves smoothly for you and to make sure you know what to expect, having an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney by your side will help. Mr. Peterson is highly experienced in Minnesota detox and jail release and can often get you released before you have to go to court. All he typically has to do is make a few telephone calls.

Building A Strong Defense

Once you are arrested by police and taken to the jail, you are typically “booked” under probable cause. This simply means that there is reason to believe that you committed the crime. Being booked doesn’t mean that you are guilty. At this point you haven’t been charged with anything. Even when you are, it still does not mean that you have been charged with anything. Instead, the police have sent their reports to the prosecuting attorney, who will decide whether or not it is appropriate to charge you with a crime.

In the meantime, you are granted a telephone call to your attorney so that your attorney can be present during any questioning and so you can receive the advice that you need to ensure you do not incriminate yourself. Anything that you say can and will be used against you in court per the Miranda Rights that are read to you at the time of your arrest. Your attorney can help ensure that you do not say anything that can be used against you.

Nonetheless, you cannot be held any longer than 6 hours without being charged with a crime. A judge can extend that time to 48 hours if they have good cause, but you must be released if you have not been charged. If you are, then your Anoka criminal defense attorney will begin building your defense.

Ensuring You Get To Go Home

Depending on the nature of the charges, criminal history, and other factors, a judge may require bail to be posted or compliance with specific release conditions before being released from jail. If bail is set, then the jail must be provided with that amount of money before they can release you. The money is posted to make sure you return to court when it is time and that money can be forfeited if you fail to appear. Once your case is completed, the jail returns the money after they have taken out any court costs or fines.

If you cannot afford the full amount, you may be able to turn to a bonding company to purchase a bond. In exchange for a small payment, the bond company will post the full amount. Failure to appear in court after obtaining a bond can result in the bond company taking you back to jail. Mr. Peterson can help you get home after being arrested so you can get back to your family and your life while you await your court date.