Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota

A collaborative divorce is exactly as it sounds – it involves a collaborative effort by both parties. This is a much faster and affordable form of divorce. The amount of time that is saved is rather significant. Even if there are minor issues that are not agreed upon at first, there are ways to reach agreements so that the divorce proceedings can move forward quickly.

Christian Peterson is a highly experienced Minnesota divorce attorney who is able to help you move through the collaborative divorce process so that the matter is resolved quickly and in a way that is acceptable to both parties. It is a much cleaner approach to resolving property division, custody, child support, and spousal maintenance. The amount of conflict is minimized, promoting mutual cooperation and removing a lot of the antagonism and aggravation that comes with divorce.

Assisting You Throughout The Collaborative Process

Before the collaborative divorce process can proceed, the parties have to sign a participation agreement. By signing this agreement, they agree to do the following:

  • Authorize their divorce attorneys to use the agreement as the basis for the final divorce decree
  • Be completely open with each other throughout the process
  • Be completely honest with one another about their finances

If the couple is not able to reach an agreement, the attorneys involved will withdraw from the collaborative divorce proceeding. The couple can then move forward with retaining counsel to handle the matter as a contested divorce.

The Advantages of Collaborative Divorce

There are a number of advantages to collaborative divorce when compared to traditional divorce proceedings. For instance, the matter is concluded much faster. Because of the fact that the matter is resolved quicker, it is much more affordable than a contested divorce. Collaborative divorce is also preferred when there are children involved. It avoids hostility that the children may see or feel between their parents. If you agree on custody, then this will be much easier on the children and they can see their parents in agreement rather than conflict.

A collaborative divorce allows a much better settlement to be reached and you can have your Anoka divorce attorney with you every step of the way. Even when there are mediators present during the collaborative process, you need your attorney by your side to help you decide on specific issues in cooperation with your spouse’s attorney. In the end, the collaborative divorce will result in a settlement that is uniquely tailored to the wants and needs of the parties involved. This is opposed to having the judge make the decisions for you. When that is the case, you may not necessarily agree with the decisions made and that can lengthen the process.