Child Protection (CHIPS)

Child Protection (CHIPS) Attorney In Anoka, Minnesota

Each Minnesota county has a child protection agency that oversees the care of children. The child protection agency steps in when the parents are not able to care for the basic safety, health, and welfare of their children. This can create a very stressful situation, as the county finds that they may have to remove the children from the home.

If child protection has become involved with your family, a Minnesota family law attorney with experience in such matters can help you through this very difficult time. Chances are emotions are running high and that means you need support and legal guidance.

Guiding You Through The Child Protection Process

When the child protection agency feels that the parents are not caring for children, they become involved with the family. They recognize that it is important for parents to care for the physical, emotional and educational welfare of their children. In a situation where it is believed that this is not happening, a social worker may contact the family to begin a voluntary or involuntary child protection service.

When child protection is voluntary, the social worker helps the family access services that will restore the ability of the parent to take care of their children without intervention by the court. In an involuntary case, the county files a Child In Need of protection or Services petition with the court so the family is forced to access services.

Successfully Challenge Home Removal

Unfortunately, there are times when the children are removed from the home because it is believed that they may be in danger if they remain in the home. While there are times when these concerns are valid, there are times when children are removed from the home and they shouldn’t be. There are many circumstances that lead to this and, regardless, it is important to challenge the removal when possible. Christian Peterson is an Anoka family law attorney who will stand by you every step of the way, helping you fight for your rights to your children.

When the children are removed from the home, they are placed in Emergency Protective Care (EPC) and this is done through an EPC hearing. The hearing must occur within 72 hours of the children being removed from the home. A CHIPS petition must also be filed within that time period or the children are returned to the home. At the EPC hearing, the judge decides whether or not to place the children in foster care or return them home.

If the judge decides on foster care, social services must allow the family to access services that help them reunite. If the family does not restore their ability to parent within the specific time period, the county files a petition to terminate parental rights. The children are then placed up for adoption. This is a very complicated process that requires the advice of an attorney who is able to help you navigate it.