Anoka County Arson Defense Lawyer

Arson is the act of voluntarily setting fire to property, whether that property belongs to someone else or the alleged arsonist. When fire is set to any property, it is typically due to an improper motive, such as wishing to file an insurance claim in order to obtain the money from that claim.

However, there are times in which an act can be mistaken as arson or a person can be falsely accused. Even if guilty, there may be factors surrounding the case that can lead to case dismissal or reduced charges.

If you have been accused of arson, it is important to address the charges with the help of a qualified Anoka criminal defense attorney. When you have a qualified attorney by your side, you can receive a much better result in your case.

Defending Against All Degrees Of Arson

There are five degrees of arson with first degree arson being the most serious; therefore it has the harshest penalties. In addition to these five degrees, there is also wildfire arson and negligent fires. Here is a look at the charges:

  • First Degree Arson – Using fire or explosives to intentionally cause damage to someone’s property valued more than $1,000. It doesn’t matter whether or not another person is present at the time of the offense.
  • Second Degree Arson – Using fire or explosives to destroy a structure that is unoccupied or another piece of personal or real property that is valued at more than $1,000.
  • Third Degree Arson – Purposely destroying personal or real property valued between $300 and $999.
  • Fourth Degree Arson – Purposely using explosives or setting fire to destroy any structure or property that is not defined under the first three charges. Setting fire to destroy a condo or apartment may be considered Fourth Degree Arson.
  • Fifth Degree Arson – Setting fire to personal property that is of any value.
  • Wildfire Arson – Purposely setting fire to underbrush, grass, timber, or another combustible material that is found in nature.
  • Negligent fire – Fire caused due to negligence that burns out of control, causing damage or injury to another person. This charge typically occurs when the property of another is damaged or a person is injured.

Standing Up For Your Rights

If you are facing any of the aforementioned charges, you need the help of a Minnesota criminal defense attorney who has experience in such cases. It is very possible to effectively and successfully fight the charges so that they can be reduced or dismissed. Even a reduction in the charges translates into fewer penalties to be paid. The goal is to help you reach the best outcome possible.