Adoption Attorney in Anoka, Minnesota

The decision to adopt a child is a major one because it involves making a child your own. You take legal responsibility for the child and rear the child as your own from that point forward. In order to adopt, the biological parent surrenders their rights as a parent and no longer has any responsibility for the child. The adoptive parent can then make all of the important decisions about the child, such as medical care, education, and religious affiliation.

If you wish to adopt a child, Christian Peterson can help you. He is an experienced Minnesota family law attorney who will help you move through the process smoothly while allowing you to execute your rights.

Effective Guidance Through The Process

 The adoption process can seem rather overwhelming. The first step is ensuring that the parental rights of the biological parent giving the child up for adoption are terminated. A number of witnesses are present at the time of the signing of this form and so is a notary to ensure it is valid. However, the document may be freely revoked within a few weeks of the termination being executed.

Once the termination form is signed, the state will conduct a background check or conduct a home study. The matter will be scheduled for a hearing before a judge in which the child and the adopting parents must attend. Testimony will be taken and the judge will make a finding that the adoption is in the best interest of the child(ren).

Step-Parent Adoptions

The most common type of adoption is step-parent adoption. When a person marries the parent of a child, they may have the desire to adopt the child as their own. The ability to do this depends on whether or not the other parent has terminated their parental rights. If they have, then the adoption process can move forward. If it hasn’t, then the parent will need to sign the form that terminates their parental rights.

Of course, for a step-parent to adopt their step child, the parent they are married to doesn’t have to give up their rights. This is a much different situation from when a child does not have either parent and either one or both of the parents must give up their parental rights in some way for the child to be adopted.

If you wish to adopt your step child, Christian Peterson is an Anoka family law lawyer who can help ensure the process moves along smoothly so that you can ensure that your step child is legally yours to raise and make legal decisions for. You can also have the child’s last name to be the same as yours.