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Is Your DWI Attorney Making These Common Mistakes?

For many attorneys, the majority of practical experience is obtained within the courtroom. DWI cases are among the more challenging ones to defend, largely due to the numerous variables that need to be examined and the social stigma that accompanies the charge. For an effective defense, the attorney needs to understand some science in addition… Read more »

What You Should Know About Stalking in Minnesota

Going for a late-night walk with someone you love is romantic… assuming both of you know that’s what’s happening, of course. While 90s romantic comedies turn the lonely heart pining from a distance into something poetic, in reality the sorts of things you see in these movies would get you arrested. Especially in Minnesota, which… Read more »

The Various Degrees of Minnesota DWI Charges

Every state has its own laws regarding impaired driving, and there are often significant differences in the statutes and the penalties imposed. For example, Minnesota maintains an intensive supervised release (ISR) program with stringent demands on those convicted of felony DWI. Initial decisions by prosecutors regarding DWI charges may significantly impact outcomes and the ultimate… Read more »

A Review of Minnesota DWI Statistics and Trends

A Review of Minnesota DWI Statistics shows how many problems impaired driving has caused in the states over the past few years. This post offers a quick overview of statistics on arrests, accidents, injuries, and deaths in the state. Official statistics show that drinking and driving is common, but probably in decline because deaths, injuries and… Read more »