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What You Should Know About Minnesota Vehicle Forfeitures and DWIs

Minnesota has among the strictest DWI/DUI laws in the country. From steep criminal sanctions to administrative penalties, motorists in the state should familiarize themselves with the laws, especially those related to motor vehicle forfeitures due to drunk driving. In some Minnesota DWI cases, the arresting agency has the legal authority to seize and forfeit the vehicle… Read more »

Ways To Challenge A Minnesota DWI: A Guide

Unlike some other types of traffic infractions, you can’t just show up to court and hope the officer doesn’t. The case will proceed even if the officer can’t make it that day. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to beat a DWI in court, however. If you believe you were improperly charged with a DWI, an… Read more »

The Minnesota Court of Appeals Finds Parts of the State’s Solicitation of a Minor Statute Unconstitutional

Minnesota Statute § 609.352 prohibits the solicitation of children to engage in sexual conversation that may culminate in the perpetrator inviting the minor to meet him/her with the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct; however, recently, two portions of this law have received significant court attention questioning their constitutionality. These two sections are Subdivision 2a—Electronic… Read more »

What Exactly Is Assault in the First Degree in Minnesota?

Violent crime, regardless of where committed, can result in some serious penalties. However, if you commit an act of violence, such as assault in the first degree, in Minnesota you face some of the strictest penalties in the country. What exactly is assault in the first degree? In Minnesota there are varying degrees of criminal assault,… Read more »

The Legality of Evidence Found in Trash With No Warrant

The Fourth Amendment of the U. S. Constitution and the Minnesota Constitution in basically the same language state “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated; and no warrant shall issue but upon probable cause, supported by oath or… Read more »

Bad Driving Doesn’t Always Prove Minnesota DWI in Court

When it comes to DWI charges, they almost always start the same way. The driver swerved into another lane, their speed was erratic, or they were riding the line. In short, the first “clue” that police use to justify a DWI charge is bad driving. If the case goes to court, then the prosecution will… Read more »

What You Should Know About Stalking in Minnesota

Going for a late-night walk with someone you love is romantic… assuming both of you know that’s what’s happening, of course. While 90s romantic comedies turn the lonely heart pining from a distance into something poetic, in reality the sorts of things you see in these movies would get you arrested. Especially in Minnesota, which… Read more »