Person of Interest in Jacob Wetterling Kidnapping, Murder Appeared in District Court

Danny James Heinrich appeared in a Minnesota District Court on Tuesday, September 6 in the unsolved kidnapping and murder of area resident Jacob Wetterling. He was in jail on unrelated child pornography charges, but was also suspected of being involved in the 1989 kidnapping and sexual assault of Jared Scheier. The Case: Jacob Wetterling, 11, was abducted at… Read more »

The Minnesota Court of Appeals Finds Parts of the State’s Solicitation of a Minor Statute Unconstitutional

Minnesota Statute § 609.352 prohibits the solicitation of children to engage in sexual conversation that may culminate in the perpetrator inviting the minor to meet him/her with the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct; however, recently, two portions of this law have received significant court attention questioning their constitutionality. These two sections are Subdivision 2a—Electronic… Read more »

License Plate Impoundment in Minnesota: What You Should Know

Under certain drunk driving circumstances, the state of Minnesota has the authority to seize, impound, and destroy license plates from a motor vehicle. Pursuant to Minnesota Statute section 169A.60 (Administrative Impoundment of Plates), the Commissioner of Public Safety may issue a license plate impoundment  order for: A first offense DWI if the blood alcohol level… Read more »

Traveling to Canada Following a DWI Conviction

With Minnesota being a border state, it is common for some residents to travel back and forth across the border that we share with our northern neighbor. What many people do not think about is whether having a past criminal record can make it difficult to get into Canada. Most believe a passport is sufficient…. Read more »

Sleeping Drunk in a Car Can Get You a DWI in Minnesota

We have all been there. You are at a party or go out for a “couple of drinks” with friends. When it comes time to hit the road, you realize you are in no condition to drive. Many of us, in this instance, would call a taxi, Uber or a friend for a ride home…. Read more »

School Bus DWI Consequences In Minnesota

Minnesota’s laws regulating driving while intoxicated (DWI) are very strict. They also vary based on the type of license held by the driver as well as the kind of vehicle they are driving. School buses are considered commercial vehicles, which require the operator to hold a commercial driver’s license. However, the laws regarding a school… Read more »

Can Bicyclists Be Charged With DWI In Minnesota?

The United States Census Bureau says that the number of Americans who elect to travel by bicycle rather than by motor vehicle has risen by 43% in the last fifteen years. With that many people peddling to get to where they are going, it is safe to assume that a fair number of them are… Read more »