1st Degree Drug case thrown out!

On May 26, 2014, Mr. Peterson helped a client get a first degree drug case thrown out.  First degree drug crimes are the most serious of all drug offenses in Minnesota.  A person convicted of first degree drugs faces a minimum prison sentence of 74 months; more if they have a criminal history.

In this case Mr. Peterson knew that the cops had gotten the wrong man.  The client was a passenger in a vehicle with two other people, innocently hitching a ride to Grand Casino in the front passenger seat.  The vehicle was stopped by law enforcement because of a traffic violation.  Cops found a large amount of narcotics in the back seat of the vehicle.  All occupants were charged.

Although the police found no evidence of drugs on the client’s person, the two occupants tried to pin the crime on him.  Mr. Peterson knew better and aggressively pushed the case to a jury trial.  He accepted no plea offers, and the prosecutor dismissed the case before trial.

If you are facing a serious felony case, you need a lawyer who isn’t afraid to do what’s right.  Mr. Peterson is never afraid to take your case to trial and fight for your freedom!

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